Our tailor made covers wrap neatly around the hovercraft without putting any strain on the control vanes. The cover is made from polyurethane coated 1000 denier nylon material. This material is lightly aerated but water proof, which allows the cover to breath but remain dry underneath. The cover has been tested in below freezing temperatures, heavy frosts, snow and monsoon rain conditions.

The cover has no zips to wear out. It is simply pulled on and secured with several straps to ensure it will remain firmly attached during transportation.


We have many lighting options to suit your operational needs.

All our models except for the 5XC will accept a 100w front mount LED light bar that is simple and un instrusive. On our custom 5XC series, we can incorporate 2 x 35w LED lights under the windshield, which project through clear polycarbonate covers.

On our rescue hovercraft, and units fitted with our stainless steel light bar, several lighting options are available, including an effective cockpit illumination light.

We also have interior lighting, such as LED compartment, passageway, and additional dash lighting.

GPS, Communication, Depth sounder / Fish finder / speed, FM radio / Bluetooth music

GPS . We have several options available for your GPS navigation needs. Our Raymarine 52 VHF Radio includes GPS co ordinates. Our Raymarine Dragonfly-5 Pro Sonar/GPS incorporates a 5 inch high resolution GPS chartplotter, with downloadable maps.

Communication. Our preference for marine radio communication is the dash or flush mounted Raymarine 52. It is a ultra compact VHF radio with built-in GPS. It offers a professional grade transmitter and receiver, with Class D digital selective calling. The GPS receiver allows easy access to DSC safety and calling features.

Depth sounder / Fish finder / Speed. Very popular inclusion for our fishing enthusiasts is the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro Sonar/GPS units. The Dragonfly-5 Pro offers a high resolution 5 inch screen, which we feel ideally suited to our hovercraft range. This small compact unit is packed with features such as CHIRP DownVision sonar, GPS chartplotter, speed and depth monitoring and integration with your smart phone or tablet. We can also install many other variations of chartplotting GPS systems to suit customers preferences.

FM radio and Bluetooth music. Our simple in-built systems offer a great way to enjoy your favourite music streamed directly from your phone, or listen to your your favourite radio station.

Wireless Intercom Systems

Setcom Liberator TwinTalk intercom system.

This is the easiest marine intercom system on the planet to use. Two-person intercom system that is rugged and made to be deployed instantly for high noise marine environments. Just turn it on and you will be connected with the other headset in the pair.

Setcom Liberator X Intercom System

This is a versatile light-weight, rugged and water resistant wireless hands-free communication system for up to 6 users. The combines advanced encryption technology with Active Learning Filter Technology (ALFT) to allow users to easily communicate in extreme high-noise and high-wind environments without having to yell and shout. The perfect headsets for the Liberator X Intercom System are the 8B heavy duty, marine grade headsets with an over-the-head headband for high noise environments.

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Carbon fiber and hybrid Carbon Kevlar detail

Our hovercraft are already fitted with many exposed carbon fiber parts such as the dash and rudders. Our 4S to Rescue series include a carbon fiber dash, rudders and elevator vanes, flow straighteners and link bars as standard. Our 5XR series even includes a carbon fiber fuel cell

We carry a variety of different fabric styles and colors to individualise your new hovercraft. These include:

Many exterior and engine parts can be made from our different fabrics to blend into your color scheme. You are only limited by your imagination. We can offer a variety of design layouts upon request.

Call us to see how we can meet your styling needs.

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