Multi-wing hovercraft fans

Viper Hovercraft has over 25 years experience in the design and supply of multiwing fans for small hovercraft.

Multiwing are the most common and highest quality glass reinforced fan assemblies used on hovercraft around the world. Multiwing fans offer high performance and low noise levels

Muliwing fans are perfect for lift, integrated and thrust fan applications on small to medium sized hovercraft.

We can supply the fans as completed units with blades trimmed to fit your application or un cut blades and separate hubs.

Our in house machine shop can drill pilots and mounting holes to suit a variety of drive hub styles

Fan hubs Inc GST Ex GST
Type Z  5 blade hub $110.00 $ 100.00
Type Z  6 blade hub (to suit Viper hub) $132.00 $ 120.00
Type Z  9 blade hub (to suit Viper hub) $159.50 $ 145.00
Type Z 8 blade hub (to suit Viper hub) $198.00 $ 180.00
Type Z 12 blade hub (to suit Viper hub) $209.00 $ 190.00
Fan blades Inc GST Ex GST
5ZL/R(PAG) fan blades $41.80 $38.00
5ZL/R (PPG) fan blades $34.10 $31.00
4ZL/R (PAG) fan blades $33.00 $30.00
4ZL/R (PPG) fan blades $27.50 $25.00
P MAX (PAG) fan blades $52.80 $48.00

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