Viper Hovercraft kits

Our high end Viper Hovercraft fiberglass kits are ideal for those looking to save cost without compromising on quality and performance.

The kits are based on four of our Viper Hovercraft production models, the Viper 4, 4S, 5 and 5X.  Each kit can be tailor designed to suit your requirements.

The kits are broken up into packs, such as the hull, skirt system, electrics, fuel system and engine assembly. In this case, you are not locked into buying a whole kit. Ideal for those who wish to tinker with there own engine ideas.

The fiberglass components are supplied with a high gloss , marine grade gel coat finish. The kit components are the same as our production hovercraft including many Carbon Fibre components. We only use the highest grade materials and fabrication techniques to suit marine environments. There is no painting required and only simple hand tools are needed to assemble the kits.

The Viper Hovercraft hull is the most advanced, lightest, strongest and safest hull on the market for its size. It has a foam sandwich deck and lower hull. A foam filled buoyancy cavity surrounds the entire hovercraft. The engine and fuel system bays are separated from the cockpit. It has a carburettor intake and engine bay filtration system built into the design. The cockpit area is open and unobtrusive. A large storage area is located under comfortable seating. It has the strength to operate over rough seas, chop and embankments without causing damage to the planning surfaces. It will remain in a level floating position with the cockpit full of water. The design is decades ahead of the competition.

The power modules are the most advanced, lightest integrated units available. We use only the best engines and components in the world. Efficiency has been a priority in our designs, which guarantee a quieter, more powerful module than any hovercraft of its size.

If your are looking for performance and quality, the Viper Hovercraft kits and production models are your only choice.

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