Viper Cruiser Hovercraft Kit

If you are tight on budget and good with your hands, the Viper Cruiser kit is designed for you.

Our Viper Cruiser Kit contains everything you need to build a plywood hull version of our Viper 4, except for the timber, fiberglass and paint. These items are better purchased in your local region. However, If requested, we can supply this portion in the Sydney metro or surrounding districts as pictured below. A complete and detailed list of the fiberglass and timber items is included in the Viper Cruiser Plan/Assembly manual

Kits in detail

The format of this kit is as such: The kit is divided into "pack" form (available separately). You are not committed to buy the whole kit. You can just buy as you go, or just buy the parts you need. You can simply buy the Viper Cruiser Plan/assembly manual and use your own parts or ideas.

In pack form, you can buy specific item packs to suit your build, or budget your way through the build. Depending on your ability, or end design, you may only need certain packs, or in some cases no packs at all. You may already have your own engine, or the ability to fabricate your own components. In essence, at least you have a working hull.

Pack items group are as such as:

  • Starter pack
  • Hull fit out pack
  • Steering pack
  • Fuel system pack
  • Skirt pack
  • Electrical pack
  • Engine/thrust fit out pack
  • Engine pack
  • Engine control pack
  • Kit options, such pre fabricated parts and lift duct kits

Contact us for our current kit list and price list.

Availability and payment details:

Like our production hovercraft, these kits are fabricated to order. The kit is usually ready for dispatch 3 - 5 weeks upon order (Depending on modules ordered, and existing order commitments). A 50% deposit is required for all kits. Final payment is required prior the pick up or shipment.

Contact us for current shipping rates.

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