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The Viper 4 Hovercraft is our 4 person entry level design which is ideal for fishing, farming, industrial and recreational use

The Viper 4 is a light, simple, robust design, making it ideal for customers with high expectations and low cost in mind.

The Viper 4 has a beautiful finish with well laid out features that provide comfort and safety. It is simply a joy to fly without the need to for full power or struggling in high winds and large chop.

The Viper 4 is manufactured using the best materials and engine available. The hull is light and incredibly strong by taking advantage of high end fiberglass fabrics, resins and fabrication techniques.
The Viper 4 Hovercraft is a stable floating platform for fishing, diving and retrieving. Our positive buoyancy system ensures a unsinkable Hovercraft, even if it is completely swamped. It is a practical design with easy passage to all interior and deck areas

The Viper 4 is powered by a 625cc, low revving, two cylinder, 55hp two-stroke air cooled engine. This engine has high torque, a flat even power curve, which offers excellent fuel economy and low noise.
Viper 4 features :
•  Capacity to seat one crew and three passengers
•  Enclosed electrical and engine air-intake
•  Tooth belt drive system (optional dampener)
•  Large storage capacity
•  High buoyancy capacity

Construction Detail :
•  Hand laid Vinyl Ester/CSM/Woven cloth Foam composite hull and components, with localized Kevlar reinforcement
•  High performance, chemical resistant, Vinyl Ester based marine grade gel coat
•  Carbon Fiber Dash
•  Carbon Fiber control vanes
•  Galvanized engine frame
•  Aluminum coated exhaust system with silencer
•  Colors - White, Central Blue, Safety yellow, Signal red, Chrome green and more

Attachments :
•  Forward and rear deck cleats
•  Forward tow point
•  Gunwale to provide Impact protection
•  Bilge pump (500gph)
•  Orange strobe light
•  Anti-slip floor finish
•  Quality coated nylon skirting
Dash components :
•  Tachometer
•  Hour meter
•  Voltmeter
•  Temperature gauge
•  Choke control (on handle bar)
•  12 Volt external outlet (optional)

Standard inclusions :
•  Operator manual and log book
•  15 spare skirt segments
•  Spare ignition key

Options :
•  Oil Injection
•  Fuel Injection
•  Elevator trim system
•  Cockpit hand rails
•  Anti slip deck finish
•  Forward compartments
•  Forward foot wells
•  Navigation lights
General Viper 4.2
Seating 1 crew, 3 passengers, Inline
Length 4.25 m (14 ft)
Width 2.2 m (7.2 ft)
Height 1.4m (4.5 ft)
Weight (dry, no options) 210kg (462 lb)
Payload 400kg (881 lb)
Hover height (max) 240mm (0.78 ft)
Positive Buoyancy 780kg (1,720 lb)
Fuel capacity 30 L (8 gal)
Thrust (Approx) 75kg 165 lb)
Speed - smooth water 75kph (40.5 knot)
Speed - ice 90kph (48 knot)
Ideal Cruise speed 30 - 50kph (16 - 26 knot)
Endurance @ Cruise 3 - 3.5 hours (8L per hr avg)
Noise 71db @ 30m (full power)

Engine Air cooled
Capacity 625cc
Type Hirth Air-cooled, two cylinder, two-stroke
Power 41 kW (55 hp) @ 5,500 rpm
Fuel 95 - 98 Octane unleaded 2% oil premix
Ignition Single sparkplug per cylinder
Starting Electric start and Pull start
Generator 12V DC 30amp = 250w
T.B.O. 900 - 1000 hours
Drive system HTD Tooth belt
Propulsion Integrated thrust and lift

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