July 1, 2018. General News  General news.

March 2018. Goulburn Show  The 2018 Goulburn Show featured two Viper 4 Hovercraft.

November 2017. TYM series Lake George episode  TYM series Lake George episode featuring Viper Hovercraft.

October 2017. TYM series premier featuring a Viper Hovercraft TYM series premier featuring a Viper Hovercraft at the National Film and Sound Archive.

January 2017. New 5XR model Viper Hovercraft releases the new Viper 5XR.

December 2016. Making History on Lake George First hovercraft to fly on Lake George.

October 2016. Canberra Times article Flood times. By Tim The Yowie Man

August 2016. New 4 series 2 and 4S series 2  Viper Hovercraft releases a new Viper 4 series

July 2015. Viper Hovercraft used in CHM live show  Jeremy Clarkson brings his live show to Australia.

February 2015. Viper Hovercraft used in Rescue operation  Viper R5X Hovercraft used in TransAsia Airline craft rescue.

September 2014. Rescue services training in Taiwan  Viper Hovercraft continues training in Taiwan.

September 2013. Viper Hovercraft has moved  Viper Hovercraft moved to Goulburn (Kingsdale).

April 2013. Full custom Viper 5X Hovercraft build  A "one of a kind" customized Viper 5X.

March 2012. New R5X model A new rescue model release.

February 2010. New Viper 5 series model Viper Hovercraft releases a new 5 person model.
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