July, 2002

NEWS | First Viper 4XR Hovercraft

Our first carbon fiber Viper 4XR Hovercraft emerged from the factory weighing in at a mere 240kg. With the responsiveness of a racing hovercraft, this craft certainly provides a high degree of excitement.

As with all our XR series builds, it is fitted with a unique engine. In this case, a EFI F30ES Hirth boasting over 100hp. A Custom “one off” induction system was installed to complement the carbon fiber free air style cooling system.

The owner opted for most options available, including a light bar, special graphics and lots of exposed carbon fiber.

The XR series are all made using a vacuum bag technique. This ensures the lightest construction, whilst providing a incredibly strong structure.
Viper 4XR Hovercraft
Viper 4XR Hovercraft
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