Viper Hovercraft

Viper hovercraft is a proud Australian business with more than 25 years experience in the hovercraft industry. We produce a variety of high end hovercraft styles for leisure, farming, mining, patrol, and rescue use. We can fabricate hovercraft to suit your requirements, such as cargo and lifting platforms. We also supply kits and plans for the DIY home builder.

Viper Hovercraft are manufactured in Australia to impeccable standards, offering outstanding performance and reliability. Our products are manufactured in house, using the most advanced composite materials and techniques available. High end, fiberglass composites are just a small feature of our high performance designs.

Viper hovercraft are stable floating platforms for fishing, diving and retrieving. Our positive buoyancy systems ensure a unsinkable Hovercraft, even if it is completely swamped. Easy passage to all interior and deck areas, gives Viper hovercraft the edge over all competitors.

Our power modules are the most advanced and lightest integrated units available. We use only the best engines and components. Our designs have better fuel economy, are quieter, and produce more thrust than any hovercraft of its size. If your are looking for performance and quality, Viper Hovercraft is your only choice.

Viper Hovercraft
Viper Hovercraft

Goulburn. N.S.W. 2580 Australia
Ph: +61 418649350

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