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Viper Hovercraft has been serving the hovercraft industry and enthusiast since 1990.

We have extensive knowledge in the construction and maintenance of 1 to 6 person high end composite Hovercraft.

Our products and services include:


I became seriously interested in small hovercraft in 1988, although my passion started as a small boy, building small working models.

I purchased my first small hovercraft and became involved with the NSW hovercraft club in 1989. I took on the role as secretary, and produced the NSW Hovercraft Club publication, NSW Hovercraft News.

I was also involved with the Australian Hovercraft Federation in which I was co-ordinating national hovercraft racing events, active role as a secretary, producing AHF publication, Australian Hovercraft News. I also produced the AHF website and was co-ordinating national gatherings.

In early 1990, I decided to start a small business repairing and servicing small hovercraft. Within a short time, this became a full time business, then called Nell Fabrication.

Through the connection with hovercraft, I became very passionate about fiberglass. Composites became very much apart of my business.

1992 to 1996 saw a lot of change, not only in the types of work, but an expansion in factory space and the resignation from club activities. By mid 1995, I was very much involved with a variety of projects, from producing composite designs and parts for other well known Australian hovercraft designers, to building VTOL derivatives, light aircraft parts, military drone and targeting parts, hiring hovercraft, racing hovercraft, among setting about producing my own hovercraft design.

In 1997, thoughts of producing a open water design was predominant on my mind and Viper Hovercraft was born. Within a short time, the Viper Cruiser emerged.

In 1999, I was invited to produce a Rescue Hovercraft for the Taiwan Rescue Association. With a limited time and budget, the Viper 4X rescue hovercraft emerged and entered the rescue market in 2000.

Over the following years, the Viper rescue design improved, refined and soon became prominent in the rescue scene. With that, by late 2002, I had two factories producing a variety of designs for rescue, industrial and personal use, from the basic platforms, to the Viper 4 and full carbon Kevlar composite 4XR. I was also producing a vast variety of composite products for marine, military, mining, industrial and government departments.

In 2007, I started designing the Viper 5. I had already produced similar sized units and many much larger, but I was still focused on "Rescue". I was very pleased with the performance aspects of the Viper 4 series rescue, but I was also listening to the rescue departments needs.

By late 2009, I had completed the new Viper 5 series . The design was very well accepted and popular. For many years, the old Viper 4 series stood idle, except for sales of the similar sized Cruiser kits.

In 2011, the Viper R5X series emerged, which was also adopted well into the rescue and fishing fraternity.

Early in 2016, The Viper 4 series design was re vamped, with a complete redesign. Although not visually seen from a distance , the design incorporates many new features plus adopting all benefits of the Viper 5 series.

So where are we today ? Viper Hovercraft, has and will focus primarily on research and improvement of hovercraft design. It has become apparent that our designs have influenced many, saved lives and will do so for many years to come.

Goulburn. N.S.W. 2580 Australia
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