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We have served the hovercraft industry and enthusiast since 1991 with extensive knowledge in the construction and maintenance of 1 to 6 person high end composite Hovercraft.

Our products and services include:

•  Hovercraft, kits, plans and components
•  Composite/Kevlar/Carbon fabrication, modification and repairs
•  Machining and welding services
•  Electrical repairs and rewiring
•  Two and four stroke engine servicing and overhauls
•  Second hand Hovercraft and components
•  We also carry out fiberglass repairs boats, cars, trucks and caravans
About the owner - Michael Nell

I started my working career in 1980 as a automotive engineer / motor body builder.

I became seriously interested in small hovercraft in 1988, although my passion started as a small boy building working models.

I joined the NSW hovercraft club in 1990 and soon took on the role as secretary, organizing club events and producing the club publication, NSW Hovercraft News.

In 1991, I took on the role as secretary of the Australian Hovercraft Federation co-coordinating national hovercraft racing events, annual national cruise events, producing the AHF publication Australian Hovercraft News and the AHF website.

In the same year, I started a small engineering business, Nell fabrication, which also repaired and restored small hovercraft.

In 1995, The business expanded to produce whole hovercraft and parts for local manufacturers and other assorted industries. We also continued Nell Fabrication which carried out fiberglass and composites fabrication and repairs.

In 1997, the Viper Cruiser plans and kits were produced.

In 1999, the first production Viper 4 Hovercraft was released.

In early 2000, the Viper rescue hovercraft designs entered the rescue market. Over the following year, the Viper rescue design was refined and soon became prominent in the rescue scene.

In mid 2002, I opened a second factory producing a variety of Viper Hovercraft models and expanded the composites/fiberglass section to build boats and parts for military, mining and industrial sectors.

In 2009, hovercraft development continued and the Viper 5 series was released.

In 2011, the Viper R5X series emerged which was quickly adopted into the rescue fraternity.

Early in 2016, The Viper 4 series was redesigned which incorporated the new features and benefits of the Viper 5 series.

Today, I am still focused on research and development of small hovercraft designs.
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